About me

My name is Kristian Joos. I’m born and live in Denmark with my family.


I like to call myself an engaged and passionated photographer.


I have not limited myself to work with only one image category like: landscape, nature, black & white or macro photography.

I like to work with all of the artistic elements; line, form, texture, composition, light and shadow.


My photographic career started when I was seven years old with my farthers manual film camera from the fifties - a Kodak Retina.

Later I bought, my first camera in a serie of many, a second hand film camera - Yesica Electro 35.

During my teens and early twentees I spend a lot of time in a traditional darkroom induce films and making black and white pictures on paper. A wonderfull time where I got all the basics in place.

Since my first Yasica I have worked with at varity of different camera brandes - both traditional film and digital cameras e.g.: Konica, Leica, Nikon, Olympus and Sony. My first digital camera was a Fujii Film. A very compact and light camera with a poor resolution compared to the cameras we have today. Now I’m a dedicated Canon fan. 

Click here... if you want to read about my expeditions and adventures:

  • Danish South Pole Expedition 2000. The first Danes on skies to the South Pole.

  • Danish X Greenland Expedition 1999. On skies across the Greenlandic icecap.

  • Aconcagua 2004. Aconcagua is one of; The Seven Summits with its’ 6962 meters.

  • Mount Kilimanjaro 2006. The highest mountain in Africa (5895 meters), one of the “Seven Summits”.

  • Coppermine River Adventure 1997. An ultimate canoeing adventure in Canada’s North West Territory.

  • Sailing Across the Atlantic Ocean on a Sailboat 2017.

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