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Exhibition in Cafe Kaffeklatten!


I was lucky to get the possibility to exhibit some of my pictures in Cafe Kaffeklatten in Copenhagen.

Please visit Cafe Kaffeklatten, and get a ‘damn good coffee” - “delicious food & good service”.

You have to hurry. The exhibition ends at the end of August 2019. 

When you visit the cafe you will see some big format (120x86) pictures. Personally I really like those pictures. When they fill up so much on the wall, you just get sucked into the picture, whether you want to or not.

About Cafe Kaffeklatten

The cafe focuses on ecology and sustainability, hand in hand with sweet pampering. In the cafe there are ongoing exhibitions available for purchase. Please read more about Cafe Kaffeklatten including bus and driving directions on their Facebook page - click here...

Address: Frederikssundsvej 219, 2700 København, Denmark.

Kaffeklatten on Facebook - click here...​

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